Welcome to wkndxo!

I’d like to be the first to welcome you to wkndxo, the newest fansite dedicated to everything XO!

This site has been and will always be a constant work in progress, but allow me to give you a quick tour of what we’ve built so far to make this the greatest Weeknd fansite on the net:

  • Discuss The Weeknd, the XO movement, and anything else that comes to mind on our shiny new forums!
  • Read the lyrics, listen to a stream, and download any song by The Weeknd on the Music page. Seriously, go check it out — I’d be willing to bet a lot of money that there’s at least one song you’ve never heard before, no matter how big of an Abel fan you are!
  • Subscribe to this blog to get breaking news on everything about / from Abel and friends. We promise to give you content you won’t find anywhere else (or your money back!). You can follow @wkndxo on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to us on YouTube to stay updated.
  • Please tell your friends! Not only does it make the site more fun, but it gives us the motivation to continue providing quality XO content as frequently as possible! Use the social buttons at the top and bottom of every post to spread the word (only if you actually like it, of course).

We’d love to hear what you think so far! Because this site is a work in progress, we’re always open to hearing suggestions or about things on the site that don’t look or work quite right. Send an email using the address on the contact page and it’ll go straight to our inbox. Feel free to bug us on our Twitter, @wkndxo, or our Facebook page if we don’t get back to you in a few days.

(Oh, and fun fact: the background of every page is randomly chosen each time you view it…refresh this page to try it out! There are over 30 different photos. Are there any you haven’t seen before?)